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Welcome to Christian Science Committee for Institutional Work in Arizona


Linda Peairs, Tempe, Chairperson

George Fay, Lake Havasu, Vice-Chairman

Mary Louise Eck, Tempe, Secretary/Treasurer

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A Christian Example

 It is the desire of our committee to help you become better acquainted with our work. Our commitment is to be a Christian example to those whom we serve in our community. We hope that basing our efforts on Christ Jesus’ teachings and practice will enable us to bring healing to those who call upon us for loving support. 


A Daily Prayer That His Will Shall Be Done

 Our committee activities should likewise be a daily prayer that His will, not ours, shall be done as we go into our own field of activity. We see this in many Institutional Committee workers who have selflessly worked for years and continue to participate actively now in jails and prisons. They write letters to lonely inmates, visit to give counsel, promote spiritual healing where requested, give instruction to begin moral character development, and act as liaisons for their churches. There are also opportunities to visit in VA hospitals, rehabilitation centers, senior facilities among others. 


Close the deal

Give customers a reason to do business with you.

Our institutional goals include:



 To focus on a positive change in character 



To assist in spiritual rebirth 



 To make sound or whole 

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